About a Game
We are pleased to introduce you to a unique event that will allow you to get to know the city and its attractions, as well as test your knowledge of how well you know Riga.
Our competitions are held in the format of a photo scavenger hunt. Each team is given a map of the city and a list of places to find. The photos represent parts of buildings, sculptures, fountains, and other objects located in different parts of the city.
The task of the team is to find all the places marked on the map and take a photo of them. The team that finds all the places the fastest wins.

Our event is suitable for all students who want to spend time with friends or classmates and get to know Riga's attractions. Our competitions are held in both individual and team formats..
We guarantee you a bright experience and a great mood, as well as the opportunity to discover the city from a new perspective and increase your knowledge of the history and culture of Riga.
Join us and test how well you know Riga!
1. Anyone who wants to participate can play the game.

2. The team must consist of 5 members

3. The team must arrive at control points (objects) in full formation.

4. After finding the object depicted in the photo, the team must shout their slogan ("chant").

5. The team must wait for the judge to fill out the team card.

6. Throughout the marathon, the team is allowed to move only on foot.

7. Public transportation can only be used once, from the starting point (TSI, 1 Lomonosova street) to the center of Riga.

8. The marathon ends exactly at 17:00.

9. The team must arrive at the finish line (Dome Square) in full formation by 17:00.

10. In case of delay, the team loses 1 point for every minute of delay.

11. For each found object, the team receives a fixed number of points, which are marked on the photos.

12. Objects can be visited in any order.

13. For violating the rules, the team will be disqualified.
Game rules «How well You know Riga?!»
10:00 | 12 June| Riga, Lomonosava street 1

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"How well You know Riga?!"

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